Pat Premier


Pat Premier is a seasoned industry professional with a rich history of performing at renowned festivals such as Firefly, Chilin’ Music Fest, ShamrockFest, and Big Night America.

Pat’s musical journey began during his time at the University of Delaware, where he discovered his passion for music while orchestrating unforgettable house parties, fueling the gatherings with his personally curated mixtapes. It was during one of these parties that a curious club DJ recognized Pat’s exceptional musical instincts, ultimately becoming his mentor and introducing him to the art of DJing.

Since those early college gigs, Pat has significantly evolved as an artist. Despite his growth, his enthusiasm for music remains unwavering. In 2015, he ventured into music production, drawing inspiration from the unforgettable experience of witnessing Paul Oakenfold’s electrifying performance, which left an indelible mark on him. This encounter solidified Pat’s commitment to creating captivating progressive and tech house music.

Pat continues to captivate audiences at various regional venues along the East Coast, frequently gracing the stages of cities ranging from NYC and Philly to Baltimore and the DC area. Additionally, his talent has taken him to prominent music festivals and events across the United States, Mexico, and Europe.

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