Born and raised in Baltimore, Ross Hyatt aka Rhyatt, is quickly becoming a staple in the electronic music scene in the DMV area. Rhyatt’s approachable, yet hard-hitting style promotes a creative dynamic of dance music that is rare to find in today’s oversaturated scene. With his ability to uniquely blend house, dubstep and hip-hop, the up-and-coming artist pushes the boundaries of any EDM show.

He is vastly recognized by other major influencers in the Mid-Atlantic region, supporting artists such as Skrillex, Diplo, Fisher, Steve Aoki, Subtronics, Must Die! and many more, while providing suitable work for companies such as Steez Promo, Club Glow, Catharsis Collective, and even his own company, Young Cult Collective. Rhyatt plans to continue to take the EDM scene by storm with his signature sets and high energy.

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