DJ Steezy has thrived in the DMV region as an open-format DJ for the past 10 years. He has established himself as one of the region’s best DJs with over 30 residences spanning from Washington DC to Baltimore MD. His musical roots were born from Deep House, influenced by his father, a former DJ from the original PT Flagg’s and O’Dells club era of the 80s. Because of this he has a deep appreciation for House music of the 80’s and 90s and has attempted to emulate some of the greats from that time period.

As an accomplished producer, Steezy has recorded dozens of Remixes, Mash Ups, and Bootlegs in addition to releasing 20 Original Songs. In 2021, he had a production credit on local artist Brian Glo’s Single “Twerk”. He later completed mixing and mastering production on Brian Glo’s entire Album, Peace and Power Vol. 3. In December of 2021, He released his first 5 Song EP, “House of Steez. Vol.1″and dropped Vol. 2 in June of 2022. Steezy is constantly pushing the boundaries of an Open format DJ, living by the Bruce Lee motto, “Be like water”. Bruce Lee meant water is versatile, it can fit into anything you pour it into, take on any shape.

As a DJ, Steezy can provide a gentle interlude of R&B Songs, or melt your face with a basshouse set. Like water, his sets can be a life-giving stream or a death-dealing hurricane. And like any water source, he aspires to flow out into the world, to any ear who will listen and enjoy. His musical sets consist of top 40’s, hip hop, rock, house, EDM, moombahton, neo soul, Latin, reggaeton and more.

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